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What is a Doula?

‘Doula’ is a Greek word meaning ‘person of service’.

In days gone by, every village had a Doula who could be called upon to support people during major personal events, such as birth or in this case, death.

A Doula is a non-medical role that offers holistic, affordable and personalised end- of-life planning, care, and after-death support.

Together, we can create a peaceful, personalised transition for someone who is dying, through to after-death, holistic funeral care.

KI Doula Services is a local service for local people to help explore end-of-life options. We all have a strong connection with the place we call home, the land, the sea, and the environment. No-one needs to walk this journey alone. 

What is KI Doula Services?

KI Doula Services
 complements the health services on Kangaroo Island.

Facing the end of life can be overwhelming, challenging, chaotic and fearful. But preparing for the end of life can help to alleviate much of the confusion and distress people may feel. The simple act of planning and documenting wishes can be a profound act of love for those left behind.

Support from KI Doula Services might begin long before someone is faced with the end of life.

It might involve helping you to file an Advance Care Directive, outlining your preferences at the time of death; supporting you to die at home or in hospital; guiding a family through afterdeath care and organising a family funeral; or arranging for a traditional service.

KI Doula Services is discreet, confidential and affordable, so that a life may be celebrated and honoured to suit personal values, beliefs and culture.


What support can you ask for?

    • Community education and information
    • Sourcing equipment and physical resources
    • Organising for the care of children, pets, or livestock
    • Helping you coordinate a team around a person
    • Help to create a calm and personalised space for death at home, or in another facility
    • Support with end-of-life paperwork
    • Assistance with creating legacy materials
    • Creating ceremony and ritual for a ‘Living Wake’.
    • Coordinating provisions and preparations for natural burial on private land
    • Advocating for your rights and choices in accordance with your belief system and values
    • Teaching simple relaxation and meditation techniques to deal with stress, anxiety or pain
    • Enabling you to hold vigil, or support you and those close to you through the dying process
    • Assistance for you and those closest to plan for your funeral, and holistic end of life care
    • Coordinating and supporting funeral planning, and immediate after-death care
    • Working with you to create & personalise ceremony to farewell someone you love
    • Providing funeral celebrancy if required

About Heidi Grieg 

Before training as an End-of-Life Doula and funeral guide, Heidi worked for many years as an educator and advocate for young people and their families in the areas of mental health and disability, and has over twenty years experience as a meditation teacher. Initially a nurse in both the public and private systems, Heidi also serves the Kangaroo Island Community as an Ambulance Officer. Heidi has a calm, practical and down- to-earth approach, which fully honours the wishes of individuals and their families so they may experience death as an important, intimate and loving part of life. 

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